Monday, 15 October 2012

College Essay Topics to Avoid

Although there is a debate that skill in writing is what determines the quality of an essay assignment as opposed to the topics chosen, there are college essay topics to avoid. Some essay topics will either cost you a high grade or an admission to the college of your dreams; you do not want to take chances with either.
Whether you are given an assignment to write college admission essays or write college class assignments, you must have the capacity to differentiate between best college essay topics and college essay topics to avoid.  This is applicable when students are given the liberty to select essays topics on their own.
Best college essay topics that students can consider when writing admission essay topics must give room for students to demonstrate they are best-suited for the available opportunities. Therefore it should be possible for students to draw from their personal experiences.
Best college essay topics whose purpose is to assess the understanding of students in various topics taught in class should bear the following characteristics:
  • They must be feasible-
They should be wide and narrow enough to get a satisfactory answer.  
  • They must be relevant-
Academic writing focuses on addressing current issues. Students need to be aware of recent development in their fields. Note that some issues might not necessarily be recent but they are relevant.  
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  • They should be interesting-
Interest is a result of the significance of the topic in question.  
  • They should have the capacity to generate a strong thesis statement-
A thesis statement is the nerve of an assignment. It states the variables under investigation.
  • Sources from which to provide evidence must be available-
Assignments without evidence from credible sources are as good as fiction.
Any topic, whether in admission essays writing or class essays writing that does lacks any of the following characteristics falls under college essay topics to avoid.
Both college admission essays and essays for class assignment are significant in the life of a student. Therefore, it is imperative to be aware of best college essay topics and college essay topics to avoid prior to undertaking any of the above mentioned tasks.
The school library and the internet are good sources from where students can get examples of best college essay topics of college essay topics to avoid. Tutors and instructors are also important in helping students settle for a suitable topic. 

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