Monday, 15 October 2012

College Essay Topics

 As I neared home, the screams became louder and clearer. They were not new. My father was battling my mother again. Sometimes the beatings were so severe that I had to go to my mother’s rescue. My pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. I had to hit father with an object; only then would he stop. Growing up in an environment of domestic violence molded the fighter in me. I never give up on anything until I have it, including success. I will go to extreme heights to achieve my goals. Nevertheless, I cannot stand violence; it comes with memories of my screaming mother, coupled with a broken heart. My mother died of depression a few years ago. An example of a college essay topic includes; describe how your background influenced you to be who you are today. A college essay advertises a prospect college student to the committee. It seeks to present the writer’s interests, goals, and unique attributes significant to the college. It is part of the application process. Winning college essays provide details that agree with the rest of the application process.
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Attributes of winning college essay topics
 First, winning college app college topics provide the prospect student with basis of answering to the committees’ requirements. College committees seek to have a comprehension of the prospect student. This is based on the writer’s unique attributes significant to the college, the student’s interests, his or her academic goals, and how the admission will help the student achieve the goals, among others.  Second, winning college app college topics are interesting. It is not easy to capture the attention of a red –eyed old committee member who has been evaluating a thousand college essays. As such, you must select an interesting college essay topic. Besides, working on a topic that interests you comes with an interesting process. Finally, winning college app college essay topics are based on the writer’s real life experience. Do not write a lie. Keep it in mind that the committee uses the college essay to interview you on the next level. Writing on a lie may cause a contradiction during the interview 
Other examples of college essay topics
Some of the additional college app college essay topics include;
  1. Discuss a topic of global interest that calls for change. Discuss how, if given the chance, you would implement the change
  2. Discuss your role model. Tell us why he or she is your role model and how he has impacted your life.
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