Monday, 15 October 2012

Good College Essays Topics

College students write essay assignments as part of college application process or as part of class assignment that determine their final grades. Whether used as part of the application process or as school assignments, students must choose good college essays topics. It is paramount to be selective on topic chosen because to a great extent they determine the quality of assignments written; students should also be aware of college essay topics to avoid.  
Qualities of good college essays topics
Admission boards may choose specific topics for students or give students the liberty to choose a topic. In the event this happens, students should choose topics and write essays that will:
  • Showcase their skills.
  • Show how their past has influenced their present.
  • Show the connection between their academic pursuit and the vision of the institution.
Some of the good college essays topics for admission that students are likely to write may include the following:
  • An experience in volunteering in community work and how it has influenced the present.
  • Describe a challenging situation that you went through and how you overcame.
  • Select a topic of your own and write an essay.
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In the event students are required to write college essays as part of school assignments, the topics chosen should bear the following characteristic:
Relevance- students should write essays on topics addressing current issues.  
Feasibility- the topic chosen should not be too wide that it becomes difficult to provide a suitable answer within the given deadline.
It must be interesting- students should select topics they have interest in. Interest gives required energy to unearth more information about a subject in question.

College essay topics to avoid
In their quest to assess the suitability of students in joining their institutions, admission boards may give students the liberty to select admission essay topics on their own. When this happens, students may request for help from online writing services to overcome this challenge. They should be careful to know college essay topics to avoid because not every custom writing service parading as experts has the capacity to deliver effectively.

Below are samples of college essay topics to avoid when writing admission essays to the admission boards:
  • My experience as a drug user.
  • How I was molested in my childhood. 
Although admission essays should draw from personal experiences, some topic will do a perfect job in disqualifying students. Any topic that does not relate to academic pursuit falls under college essay topics to avoid. 

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